choose your byte

Whether you just need someone to cover the basics of your social media, or you’re ready for an enhanced strategy to accelerate your growth – we have a byte that meets your needs…and budget.

little byte

Get up to 4 social platforms fully managed with everything from strategy to publishing to analysis.


social style

content production

social media management

reporting & analytics


big byte

Beyond social media management – choose an additional growth strategy to accelerate your reach

all little byte features plus 1 growth strategy:

+ add a growth strategy


mega byte

Set your organic reach to full throttle with dual growth strategies maximizing your social foundation.

all little byte features plus 2 growth strategies:

+ add a growth strategy

+ add a growth strategy


growth strategies


increased visibility

daily conversations

direct messages

social monitoring


influencer identification

influencer engagement

relationship management

media opportunities

social advertising

campaign strategy

ad campaign creation

monitoring / reporting


every plan gives you the talent and tools you need to soar.

kaleidoscope pod

A team of strategists, content creators and butterflies who surround your brand. We’ve got your social back.

private slack channel

The support you need when you need it. You’ll have a private Slack channel to message your team anytime.

real-time analytics dashboard

No guessing. You’ll have real-time audience and content data at your fingertips.

you made it this far without signing up? impressive.