If you’re tired of seeing your audience grow at a caterpillar’s pace, you might be ready for a supercharged social media engagement strategy.

Instead of waiting for people to find your brand, your Kaleidoscope will go into flutter mode to engage and interact with your target audience wherever they are.

how our social butterflies create buzz for your brand...


Analyze current engagement rates, audience demographics, and best performing posts.

competitive analysis

Review competitor communities. Assess their top performing posts, engagement rates, and audience to inform your strategy.

community following

Uncover where your audience is hanging out online and strategically follow them.

engaging content

Tag influencers and resources in reposts, Instagram stories, and article posts to start growing your community.

community conversations

Engage with your target audience on other pages to spark conversations and lead traffic back to your social profiles.


Get a full quarterly review of your social community, focusing on audience growth, engagement rates and overall reach.

the latest growth tactics

Every platform has its tricks and tips to support rapid audience growth. It’s our job to stay up-to-date on these changes. Pair that knowledge with a social butterfly who loves to connect and make new friends and you’ve got brand awareness magic.

your audience is listening, let us do the talking.