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Over 1 million video views for Elevated Craft

Elevated Craft partnered with Joybyte to increase social awareness and buzz for their successfully-launched Indiegogo hybrid cocktail shaker on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, Elevated Craft wanted high-quality content that they could repost on their social channels. Another goal was to retarget past customers to encourage them to make repeat purchases.


Joybyte launched both an influencer campaign and an audience retargeting campaign to build a community around Elevated Craft. We encouraged both groups to produce lifestyle content that showed off the UVPs of the product as well as a real inside view of at-home cocktail making. Joybyte has grown the community to over 100 active influencers with regular submissions coming through from customers as well. To highlight one top-performing moment, Elevated Craft teamed up with Cocktails by Hawk (@cocktailsbyhawk) to produce a mini movie with Teremana Tequila (created by The Rock), which was later shared by the actor himself. This viral post had over 1 million combined views across social media.


These ongoing campaigns have increased Elevated Craft’s following by 6,620 new followers, an increase of 111% percent. We have generated 3,132 clicks to their website. They now receive 20,954 engagements per month, which is an increase of 131%, and 26,000 average daily impressions. To date, Elevated Craft has reached over 6.3 million people.




new followers


average daily impressions

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