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Team up with the brands your customers already follow.

We extend the impact of your marketing through brand partnerships to reach new customers and deepen your awareness with existing audiences.

The power of partnership

Teaming up with the right partners is a great way to extend your brand’s reach on social media. When you partner with another popular brand in a similar space, you get to leverage their audience as well as your own.

Audience exposure

Skyrocket your reach through co-marketing and cross-promotion with other brands that already have the attention and loyalty of your target audience.

Increased trust & favorability

Quickly build trust and attention with customers through association with other brands they already know and love.

Cost-effective promotion

Drive cost-effective promotions by teaming up with other brands, leveraging their reach and audience to promote your products organically.

Co-branded social campaigns

Our Brand Partnership services support creative co-branded collaborations on social media to extend your reach and quickly grow your audience.


Team up with another brand to execute a collaborative campaign that’s a win-win for both parties.

Cross-promotional giveaways

Collaborate with one or more brands on a co-sponsored giveaway. Giveaway campaigns are very successful, especially when the prize bundle includes products from multiple brands.

Content placement

Partner with another brand to regularly promote and share each other’s content.

How we run partnerships

We do all the legwork for you, by finding the perfect brands to collaborate with, curating long-lasting partnerships, and running successful campaigns. You just have to sit back and watch the results pour in!

Create a partnership strategy

First, we create a customized campaign strategy based on your goals and outline partnership requirements.

Find the right partners

We identify your ideal brand partners based on key factors like goal alignment, audience relevance and what they can offer in the partnership.

Partner outreach

Once we've built a list of potential partners, we reach out with a warm introduction and ask if they would like to form a partnership.

Campaign planning & launch

We triple-check all the details and coordinate campaigns with your team and partners to launch without a hitch!

Track your success

We actively monitor the campaign while it's running, driving promotion and engagement with your audience.

Report on campaign performance

We analyze and report on the outcome of the campaign and evaluate future partnership opportunities based on insights.

Start a collaboration today!

Drive faster growth on social media with a partnered promotion.